At Firehouse Networks, we try to keep things simple. Based upon our experience, IT consulting can take one of two paths. The first is straight consulting which is quoted on a case-by-case basis, and still comprises the vast majority of engagements. However, when the client comes to rely on his/her consultant it becomes necessary to take that relationship to the next level, which Firehouse Networks has done with its managed network solutions.

The first step in any engagement is a complete assessment of the client's network, including though not limited to documenting the network's configuration, structure, size, capacity, hardware and operating system/software usage. Once this information is cataloged, and stored within our secure extranet, the information is then made available not only to Firehouse Network's technicians, but to the client's staff as well.

Once the client profile has been created, all future service calls, and/or support calls are also logged into our Extranet to build a database to facilitate future support issues. No longer does the client have to recreate the file of the last technician or lose valuable time determining the settings and configurations of the network every time a new IT professional enters or exits the scene.

We believe that the integrity and security of one's network is critical to overall corporate profitability. Maintaining proper records and tracking work performed is necessary to not only ensure the timely maintenance of your network, but to the long term reliability of your network as a whole. In addition, the access to relevant data assists in quickly solving the technical problems that do arise. That time savings ultimately saves the client money, which drops directly to the bottom line.

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